a device that dampens or moistens something

he used a dampener to moisten the shirts before he ironed them

Syn: ↑moistener
Derivationally related forms: ↑moisten (for: ↑moistener), ↑dampen
Hypernyms: ↑device

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\\-p(ə)nə(r)\ noun (-s)
: one that dampens: as
a. : a device for dampening cloth (as in a laundry)
b. : a worker that dampens articles in preparation for further processing:
(1) : one that tempers shoe outsoles to facilitate cutting, shaping, and stitching — called also muller
(2) : one that dampens textiles (as hosiery or cloth) for boarding or ironing
(3) : one that softens hides in warm water
c. : a device for retarding the oscillations of a spring when a load is suddenly applied or removed
d. : any of the rollers on an offset printing press that convey water to nonprinting areas of the printing surface

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dampener UK [ˈdæmpənə(r)] US [ˈdæmpənər] See:damper

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